Nextbits Corporation is a Full Solution Provider

Nextbits has been providing businesses with Internet solutions worldwide since 1996 and located in La Mirada, California. Customer service and e-commerce solutions are a requirement for any business. The Internet allows businesses to effectively market their products and services to potential customers. To run a successful business, online or off, effective store set-up, advertising, and reliable order tracking are needed. Nextbits provides complete accounting, e-Commerce, and business management solutions. Here at Nextbits, we have developed invoicing, billing, inventory control, payroll, and an accounting system (software) for small and medium-sized businesses. We understand that smaller businesses have special needs. Our program was developed to handle customer order entries, estimation, inventory, purchasing, banking, and accounting. Besides being easy-to-use and user-friendly, our accounting systems support a multi-user environment. Our accounting system supports virtually unlimited customers and inventory growth.

Here at Nextbits, we've completed the development of a multi-channel eBusiness solution for eBay and Amazin with payments and shipping automation emails. We provide e-Commerce solutions with Shopping Mall Creator (SMC), an easy-to-use online store software. SMC is compatible with our accounting software, making it easier than ever to sell online. Users are able to create their e-Commerce website with virtually unlimited number of templates, in just ten minutes, without any consultation or programming knowledge. There are a million ways to design a web page, but Nextbits will create it at the tips of your fingertips. Building better features and functions increases your business capabilities and Nextbits' Content Management System (CMS) makes it simple to create and manage the site content and layout without vast technical knowledge.

Nextbits has everything you need in order to set up a website online including business setup (web hosting), advertising (web promotion), and order tracking (business programming). Through extensive research and partnership, Nextbits can offer an extensive range of products and services to accommodate your online commerce needs. We provide the latest technological services at incredible reasonable rates and provide a full range of services tailored to each individual client's needs and desires. We strive to become the leading business provider of affordable and effective solutions by providing businesses with complete packages, web site design and maintenance services, professional web hosting servers, Traffic Statistics, BzComposer Order Management system, and software customization.

Our goal is to build a long-term relationship and provide solutions that satisfy the needs of your organization. We will optimize your business order management and e-commerce solutions.