What is BzComposer?

It's the only full-featured accounting program to support eCommerce and eSales order processing.

Completes your Business Solution!

BzComposer Accounting is an easy to use, full-featured complete accounting system for small to medium-sized businesses (SMB) with fully-functional invoicing, billing, inventory and customer management programs.Its features include estimations, purchasing orders, standard invoices, accounts receivable/payable, accurate inventory tracking and much more.

E-Commerce Made Easy

Placing IT support for e-commerce, web stores, order fulfillment, supply chain management and merchandising under one roof will create new opportunities across channels. We provide complete e-commerce solutions for your web store, eBay, or Amazon with payment and shipping automations, providing complete order management solutions.

Enterprise System based on Java with MS Access, MS SQL, Oracle and MySQL support.

It is written in Java, an independent platform, so users are able to choose between system components that best meet their needs. BzComposer Accounting based on java can be implemented across a range of platforms, including Linux, Macintosh, UNIX and Windows. Its database supports MS Access, MS SQL, Oracle and MySQL, This feature allows BzComposer to fit within various corporate environments and even levy a company's existing IT infrastructure.

Internationalization with multi-language support features

Localization is another one of our business targets. We are eager to expand to the global market. Our BzComposer supports any foreign language.


It has a navigation menu with Easy Set-up, Preferences, Data Board, Customer Board, Inventory Board, Accounting Board and eSales Board. With 5 sample companies includes, new users can begin using the program easily even if they have minimal experience. All of our work carries a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee to ensure that the finished product meets or exceeds all expectations.